Picture of Dardanelle Point - 40mm - 401-5-B

Also See: Agee, Keota, Nodena

Location: Midwestern United States

Associated Dates: 600 - 400 B.P. - Mississippian
Side Notched

General Description: The Dardanelle arrowhead is a small to medium and sized, narrow, thin, sometimes serrated, corner or side notched point. The base can be rounded or square. The blade edges are usually slightly excurvate to straight. The Dardanelle is a Nodena variant form with side notches. The type has been found in caches from the Spiro mound in Oklahoma and from Arkansas. The Dardanelle is found in northeastern Arkansas, southeastern Missouri, western Tennessee and northwestern Mississippi.

No size data or name history for this type has been located.

About the Point Above: The small Dardanelle arrowhead pictured at the top of this page was found in northern Arkansas. The point is made from white dull chert. Overall, the point measures 40 mm in length, is 17.5 mm wide across the shoulders, and is only 6 mm thick in mid blade. The stem is 9 mm long and is 12 mm wide. Catalog Number 401-5-B

References: Overstreet, Perino (1)

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