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Welcome to Art Gumbus' NEW LITHICS-Net now hosted at WWW.LITHICSNET.COM !
This page is your gateway to two types of point typology indexes:


Art Gumbus' LITHICS-Net is a non-profit World Wide Web site dedicated to those who ethically find, study, protect and preserve the lithic projectile point artifacts crafted by the aboriginal people who once habitated pre-historic North America.

The LITHICS-Net project started out in 1993 as way for me to document some of the best point types in my projectile point collection. In 1993 LITHICS-Net existed only on my computer as a personal project. In 1997 LITHICS-Net was web hosted at American OnLine in their free members area. However, in late 2008 Americal Online withdrew the members area of their free web hosting site.So LITHICS-Net was offline for about 3 weeks. Now LITHICS-Net has its own newdomain name and is hosted from a professional web hosting service.

LITHICS-Net hopes that others will photograph and document their lithic projectile point collections and add these links to LITHICS-Net. Thus, LITHICS-Net will become the hub to an ever-increasing virtual hypertext lithic online museum and source of reference. If you would like to participate in this goal of LITHICS-Net, please contact webmaster Art Gumbus by e-mailing him at I will assist in any way I can as time allows.

It is suggested that your computer or web browsing device be able to display at least 256 colors and the screen resolution be set to a minimum of 800 x 600 to enjoy the digital color photgraphs within the LITHICS-Net site. If you are and America Online user, please set your AOL browser to NOT use compressed graphics, as the images on LITHICS-Net are high resolution and are photo quality. The compressed graphics make the photos look muddy.

Thank You, and enjoy your tour of LITHICS-Net.

Below are illustrations of the terms used in many of the LITHICS-Net descriptions of Projectile Points. I hope you find these helpful and as time allows, I will be annotating the bookmarked Glossary of Terms with these illustrations.


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Thanks for visiting Art Gumbus' LITHICS-Net. And please drop in again soon. I always like to receive feedback and comments so please e-mail me.

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